eSchool News-TV is front and center once again this month, with three new developments we think you’ll find enlightening and useful:

Visions of Innovation — America’s only ed-tech talk show debuted in May. Hosted by Gregg W. Downey, president of the eSchool News Network, this brand-new video program introduces school and college leaders to the men and women who are changing the face of education and technology from coast to coast.

Gregg’s guests in this premier episode are a pair of pioneers in visual learning. “It’s exceedingly appropriate the premier show features a conversation with Andrew Schlessinger and Tim Beekman of Library Video Company,” Gregg explained. “These two noted innovators are working hard to transform the way schools deliver digital content–especially video. They’re striving to enhance the ways technology can help students acquire knowledge and amplify achievement.

“Andrew and Tim will have a significant impact on the nature of schooling in the months and years ahead,” Gregg said. “Visions of Innovation is a first alert for bright-minded educators about what’s next for schools and colleges.

“This new program gives ed-tech innovators an opportunity to describe their visions for education, discuss emerging trends, and talk about the latest developments in school technology. Most importantly, they explain how schools and students are achieving success as a result of these innovative approaches.”

To watch this episode of Gregg’s new show, please visit:

Weekly TechWatch — By popular demand, our critically acclaimed monthly newscast, eSN TechWatch, anchored by Managing Editor Dennis Pierce, has now gone weekly. eSN-TV viewers have given this comprehensive roundup of ed-tech news and information rave reviews, but some educators have told us that finding time to watch the full-length show is too much of a scheduling challenge in one sitting.

Solution: Weekly segments. Beginning in May, eSN TechWatch started coming to you in bite-size installments. Now, you can go to our Video Resource Center ( and (a) watch the entire report, usually about 20 minutes long, or (b) watch the current week’s installment, a concise, five-minute rendition. If you are–as are some 150,000 of your closest colleagues–an opt-in subscriber to one or more of our free weekly eMail newsletters, you barely have to do a thing. TechWatch will come to you. Just look for the TechWatch banner in eSN Today, eSN This Week, and eSN Tools for Schools (or look for the announcement on the front page of our web site). Click the banner, and voila: You’re viewing this week’s edition of our latest ed-tech newscast. Now, it’s a breeze to stay knowledgeable about the week’s ed-tech news and information.

NECC Coverage — You’ll get wall-to-wall video coverage of National Educational Computing Conference (NECC), America’s largest ed-tech conference. This is a great way to ensure you don’t miss out entirely if budget constraints or scheduling conflicts keeps you away from NECC this year. But even if you’re attending, you’ll still want to check out our video highlights of keynote speakers, key events, and more. This year, you’ll even be able to watch the eSN-TV coverage highlights–updated daily and running continuously–in selected convention hotel guest rooms. Web-based video–along with text, photo, and blog reports–also will be available at our online Conference Information Center ( Our friends at Cable in the Classroom and at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) will be posting eSN-TV’s NECC coverage to their web sites, too.

FREE TO SCHOOLS — And remember: All this high-quality video is available for school web sites–as well as community education cable channels–commercial free, copyright cleared, and at absolutely no cost to schools and colleges. For more info, please contact Nancy Thrush, our online director, at

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