A new, intuitive handheld device designed specifically for science education places data analysis at students’ and educators’ fingertips, whether they are in the lab or in the field. With LabQuest, from Vernier Software & Technology, students can plug in Vernier sensors to acquire real-time graphing and analysis via the device’s color screen for subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology, and earth science. LabQuest allows students to collect data from more than 50 sensors and view and analyze the data in a meter, data, table, or graph. The handheld device contains six sensor ports, a built-in temperature sensor for measuring ambient temperatures, a built-in microphone for recording voice annotations, and a sound sensor for creating sound wave images. Other built-in applications include a stopwatch, a periodic table, an on-screen keyboard, and a scientific calculator. Users can operate the LabQuest using the built-in LabQuest Graphing and Analysis Application or use it as a computer interface with Logger Pro software. In addition, the device’s rubber overmolding and rugged design provide protection against bumps, falls, and water. A lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack ensures that students can use the device for an entire school day before having to recharge. LabQuest is scheduled to ship in August 2007 for a price of $329. Purchases of eight or more devices will earn a discount price of $299 each.

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