Instructional coaches looking for resources to help their colleagues can turn to Peer Connection, a brand-new web site from PBS TeacherLine. The site contains research-based content, video clips, classroom-ready materials, articles, and best practices–all designed to help instructional coaches support effective classroom teaching. The use of instructional peer coaches is a fast-growing model for professional development that has evolved over the past few years, as schools and districts begin moving away from one-time professional development offerings to more ongoing, embedded training–and Peer Connection aims to be a one-stop source of resources that can help. Instructional coaches can use this new tool to personalize information for each teacher, depending on his or her needs. The tool is subscription-based, with a building fee of $2,495. The site is launching with information on middle-school math and soon will add resources for reading, literacy, and instructional technology, as well as additional math resources, all culled from PBS TeacherLine course offerings. When using the site, each peer coach will have a dashboard that puts all relevant TeacherLine materials to his or her fingertips. After an instructional coach finds resources for a teacher, those resources are sent out via eMail, and teachers can respond with feedback as to what they found helpful and what they didn’t.