Promethean’s Activboard+2 is an integrated teaching and learning solution designed to increase participation and engagement for 21st-century learners. The Activboard+2, the world’s first all-in-one adjustable interactive solution, includes a durable interactive whiteboard, short-throw projector, an adjustable mount, and integrated software for lesson planning and delivery. This affordable system allows for efficient implementation at a significant cost savings for districts.

Promethean’s Activboard+2 helps educators:

· Save time and money. The system eliminates the need for additional wiring and mounting equipment in the classroom. And, during classroom instruction, teachers don’t waste precious teaching time getting the projector lined up with the board. It’s all connected.

· Adapt for teachers and students. The height-adjustable stand raises and lowers so each person can participate–at his or her own level. Now, the tallest, smallest, or special-needs user can reach the same interactive whiteboard.

· Reduce screen glare and shadows. Promethean’s short-throw projector system helps to reduce glare and provides a better on-screen resolution. And, the projector can be locked away for safety.

Promethean’s Activboard+2 includes award-winning lesson development software that includes a library containing more than 15,000 resources, templates, lesson activities, and more. New versions of Activstudio, developed for all grade levels, and Activprimary, focused on grades pre-K to 5, include thousands of images, backgrounds, and activities to captivate students’ attention and encourage participation.

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