SAFARI Montage, from the Library Video Company, is an award-winning, broadcast-quality video-on-demand solution for schools and districts that comes preloaded with the finest educational video titles available. Each title has been hand-picked for its direct application to the curriculum. SAFARI Montage content packages are selected from the premier educational publishers in the world, including PBS, National Geographic, and Scholastic. SAFARI Montage also can accommodate additional content, including video that is created or licensed by the school or district and uploaded using the solution’s CreationStation application. With the SAFARI Montage WAN Manager, it is possible to store, manage, and access all of a district’s digital content from one location and deliver it to all schools. In low-bandwidth schools (such as those with T-1 connectivity), a server is placed at the school to act as a “store and forward” device to receive digital video overnight from the central server. High-bandwidth schools (such as those with 1-gigabit connectivity) may access their digital video content directly from the district server. This groundbreaking product gives school districts the unprecedented ability to develop full multimedia lesson plans at the district level and share these “playlists” and content with every teacher in the district at the touch of a button.

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