The new Senteo interactive response system, from SMART Technologies Inc., provides a direct connection between teachers and their students. The system, which includes a remote control for each student and a receiver, lets instructors quiz and survey students and receive instant feedback.

With the Senteo interactive response system, teachers no longer have to wonder if their students understand what they have taught–students can tell them with the click of a button. Here are other features of the system:

· Flexible quiz and assessment options. The Senteo interactive response system facilitates summative and formative assessment by allowing teachers to pose a question before, during, or after a lesson to find out if students are on track.

· It’s easy to add creativity to questions. Teachers can combine words with images to make questions more dynamic. The Senteo interactive response system comes with SMART’s Notebook collaborative learning software and offers 6,600 learning objects with multimedia content that can be easily added to quizzes.

· Instant feedback enhances interactivity. Increasing one-to-one interaction, the Senteo interactive response system enables you to survey and engage students and collect responses. You can use student feedback to plan lessons and personalize the learning environment.

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