ITDirect, the web-native technology help desk management system from, manages incident requests related to computers, audio visual and telecommunications equipment. The system enables requesters to submit incidents online and receive email updates as incidents are assigned, updated and completed. ITDirect helps reduce incident requests by 10-20% through request troubleshooting and self-help knowledge base features that help requesters identify problems at the point of request.

With ITDirect, your IT staff receives and completes incidents online, and they can also receive incident notifications via email–including email to text pagers, PDA’s and cell phones. IT staff can also receive and complete incidents via a wireless/mobile device through integration with ITWireless.

ITDirect tracks detailed information for each incident, including outage and downtime data, labor and purchase transactions, asset details and more. And through integration with SchoolDude’s ITAMDirect IT asset management system, detailed configuration information and asset history are available to further streamline incident resolution.

By reducing incident request and streamlining workflow, ITDirect saves the IT staff approximately 30-minutes per incident annually and increases productivity 10-12%–representing an average $8-10 per student efficiency gain!

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