KynanRilee, Sarah Marzen, and Arvind Thiagarajan have been selected as members ofthe 2007 United States Physics Olympiad Team. Scoring higher than more than1,000 other high school students to earn spots on the prestigious team, theymay be selected to face the challenge of meeting physics students from all overthe world in a brain-to-brain competition. Rilee is a student at Eleanor RooseveltHigh School in Greenbelt,Md., and Marzen and Thiagarajan, are studentsat Thomas JeffersonHigh School for Sci-Tech in Alexandria, Va.They are three of 24 students from across the United States who have been chosen to train for the mentallygrueling exams and lab tests given at the International Physics Olympiad, heldJuly 13-22 at the Isfahan University of Technology in Isfahan, Iran.

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