ATLANTA, GA, (June 7, 2007) — Digital Projection International (DPI), an Emmy® Award-winning manufacturer of high-performance projection systems, announced significant upgrades to all of the company?s single-chip DLP® projectors. Increases in projector brightness as well as enhancements to color performance mark the launch of the new iVision 20, iVision 30 and dVision 30 series projectors.

The most prominent of the new product improvements is the inclusion of Brilliant Color? technology from Texas Instruments. Brilliant Color? allows for increased projector brightness and improved color saturation by expanding the color gamut through the addition of cyan, magenta, and yellow color points. This is accomplished by advanced DMD formatters and either the addition of dedicated C.M.and Y color filters, or capturing these colors during the transitional phase with conventional RGB color wheels. By adding cyan, magenta, and yellow segments to the standard RGB color wheel, additional spectral energy from the lamp is captured, thus increasing projector brightness. Also, the projectors? color gamut is expanded, creating a broader range of more saturated colors without sacrificing light output.

DPI will offer as many as 3 color wheel configurations for each iVision and dVision projector. The Enhanced Luminance (XL) option will be optimized for maximum brightness. The Enhanced Color (XC) configuration will be optimized for maximum color saturation and gamut. Finally, the Balanced (XB) configuration will provide the best balance between increased brightness and color depth. The iVision 20, iVision 30 and nearly all dVision series projectors will begin transitioning to Brilliant Color? capability in July.

As an added benefit to the core technology of Brilliant Color?, all of DP?s new single-chip projectors also feature ColorMax? calibration technology. Via a radically improved setup procedure, the installer can simply measure and record the red, green and blue x and y color points and luminance values with a light meter and enter the values into a computer connected to the projector. ColorMax? then analyzes the user input and a software algorithm automatically calibrates all of the color settings, per input, to return a perfectly balanced d6500 output.

In addition to the improved brightness achieved through Brilliant Color?, the new iVision 30 and dVision 30 series projectors have also been equipped with more powerful, dual 300-watt lamp systems. All of the current 250-watt dVision projectors will transition to the brighter, more capable dVision 30 series, while still remaining in the same elegant chassis. The new iVision 30 series projectors will utilize the classic iVision platform featuring a magnesium cabinet that provides maximum thermal dissipation.

George Walter, DP?s home cinema market manager explained, "The combination of Brilliant Color? and ColorMax? technologies delivers astounding, true-to-life color from any source. Both home cinema and commercial users alike will benefit from the capabilities of these exciting new products. By offering our customers the option to customize their color-wheel configuration, we can provide an even better range of solutions for very specific applications."

Digital Projection will launch its new Brilliant Color single-chip iVision and dVision series projectors at infoComm 2007 in Anaheim (Booth #2419). List pricing will be announced at the show and units will begin shipping in June.

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