DULUTH, Ga. (June 7, 2007) — Classworks, the K-12 education solution by Curriculum Advantage, has received the highest recommendation possible by the Utah Instructional Materials Center (UIMC) for supplementary curriculum.

The Utah Instructional Materials Center manages state adoptions by helping to guarantee quality instructional material for Utah students. The center had originally focused solely on textbooks, but has changed with the times to now include software in its recommendations.

Committees from the center review and rate a wide selection of curriculum products every year, evaluating each product based on a set of criteria. For the most recent review cycle, Classworks Math suites and Classworks English/Language Arts K-6 were rated "Recommended Limited," the highest level possible for supplementary materials, at every grade and subject reviewed. Classworks Math includes K-6, Math 7, Pre-Algebra, Elementary and Intermediate Algebra, and Geometry. Upper level language arts courses were not up for review this cycle.

In issuing the recommendation, the review team stated the following about Classworks: "The objectives are clearly stated with measurable outcomes. It would be great as a literacy center idea as it is individualized instruction. It is designed for whole group, small group, or individual instruction, depending on computer access. It is a very in-depth program with appropriate supplemental instruction. It utilizes current research-based practices."

Classworks — a computer-assisted instruction program that offers on-grade-level, instruction, intervention and remediation — is specifically designed to help students master skills outlined in the Utah Core Curriculum and helps to improve student scores on the high-stakes Utah Core Assessments and the Utah Basic Skills Competency Test (UBSCT). A large component of Classworks? Utah state edition is its UBSCT import, which reads results on the test and automatically creates individual learning paths for each student based on their strengths and weaknesses.

The UIMC review committee can grant ratings ranging from "Reviewed but not Recommended" up through student and teacher resources and finally to "Recommended Limited" or "Recommended Primary" — the last of which is exclusively for core materials, such as textbooks.

"Having Classworks earn a consistent rating of ?Recommended Limited? for Language Arts and Math across all grades and subjects is an exciting accomplishment," said Lindsey Cook, president and CEO of Curriculum Advantage. "We look forward to providing Classworks to many more students in Utah, who will benefit from this dynamic education program."

One school that has been using Classworks and seeing positive results is Horizonte High School in Salt Lake City. James Andersen, the principal at Horizonte, has some early numbers showing a correlation between his alternative school students? time spent on Classworks and improvement in the UBSCT.

"I would definitely recommend Classworks. We have seen some preliminary data and it showed student gains," said Andersen. "We will have substantial data after the fall administration of the UBSCT. Thus far, I am very impressed with the scope and depth of the product. And the technical and training support is the best I have encountered in my 32 years in public education."

Classworks (www.classworks.com), a leader in computer-based student instruction in K-12 for English/Language Arts, Reading and Mathematics, was recently recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as one of only a handful of computer-assisted instruction programs to demonstrate that it improves student achievement, and has earned several software industry honors. Classworks? Language Learner Series, another component of the program, addresses English as a Second Language learning with content that focuses on auditory, visual and tactile/kinesthetic components.

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