The School Improvement Network, the company that produces PD 360, reportedly received numerous requests from school and district administrators to digitize its video content and make it more accessible to teachers.

Using PD 360, educators can watch video segments, provide training follow-up, facilitate professional learning community sessions, track professional development, and focus on standards and objectives.

Users of PD 360 can access professional development on topics such as classroom management, leadership, classroom instruction, and English-language learners. To find an answer to a question, users can search through an archive of video segments featuring educational experts.

“We made PD 360 simple and easy to use … to ensure that educators would actually use it as a job-embedded resource,” said Chet Linton, CEO of the School Improvement Network.

“Our goals are to give teachers a tool that provides them with answers and help the moment they need it and to make professional development more effective and convenient for all stakeholders. As we add new features, we seek the advice of educators to ensure we meet their needs.”

The site contains built-in follow-up tools that help coaches and instructional leaders ensure that teachers know how to implement the instruction they receive. Teachers can watch segments again and again, allowing them to check those instructional resources as they apply new practices.

Educators can choose from 46 “Video Journal of Education” video programs, which in turn are broken down into hundreds of indexed and searchable segments, each of which includes a real classroom example.

Administrators in the Lamesa Independent School District in Lamesa, Texas, began using PD 360 to meet the individual needs of the district’s teachers after Keith Bryant, Lamesa’s superintendent, heard about the solution at a conference.