How can schools improve their PC-to-student ratios without spending any more money? By tapping into the vast unused power of today’s PCs and sharing it among up to 30 users. NComputinghas shipped over 250,000 seats of this revolutionary technology. And every student, teacher, and staff member enjoys their own reliable, responsive, and rich computing experience. . Better yet, it is simpleto install, easy to maintain, environmentally friendly and dramatically lowers computing costs.

NComputing taps the power of today’s PCs through small access terminals and proven software. It’s true–a single PC or server can support up to 30 users at once. Best of all, IT staff and end users do not need special training, and by leveraging your PCs and slashing the cost of maintenance, NComputing can cut overall computing costs by up to 80%, while using a fraction of the power (5W vs. 200W of a traditional PC).

And with NComputing’s management software, teachers can monitor student activity, send warning messages, and even take control over the student’s computing session.

Hundreds of schools, government and enterprise users have deployed over 250,000 NComputing products. NComputing is the computing solution that crosses the digital divide by breaking the affordability and complexity barrier that has limited computing from being deployed everywhere.Which of our two models is right for your school? Call us at 888-365-1210 to find out, and then try it risk-free for 30 days.

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