Burlington, Massachusetts (June 13, 2007) Broadcast Pix™ Inc. announced today that its Slate 1000 switcher, a live video production system is now in use at the First Baptist Church of Texarkana, TX (FBC) for all its worship services. The unit powers FBC´s wide screen displays during services, enhancing the congregation´s experience every Sunday. Services are also broadcast locally on Texarkana´s KLFI-TV and KAQC-TV as well as KTAL-TV in Shreveport, Louisiana. Services are also seen nationally on religious networks such as The Church Channel and Family Net.

FBC producer, Jay Budzilowski says the features of the Slate 1000 stood out among other switchers he studied for the church´s broadcast inventory. "The Slate 1000 gave us three keyers and its overall product quality was much higher than other switchers we considered," said Budzilowski. "It was by far the best option for the price,." FBC currently broadcasts in SDI but plans to upgrade to HD in a few years. The upgrade will be simplified since the Slate 1000 is completely HD ready.

PixButtons that show the exact content on every source and key proved helpful for FBC´s worship production. Budzilowski admitted he had little experience in using switchers before coming in contact with the Slate 1000 and appreciated the ease of use that the clearly marked labeling offers. He said he became confident with the unit after reading through its manual and considered most of its functionality to be self-explanatory.

During worship services, the Slate 1000 controls what appears on FBC´s two 16×9 wide screens at the front of the church. As many as 2,500 people fill the pews at FBC on Sundays, making the screens a critical part of services. The screens display song lyrics and other video segments that pertain to the pastoral messages. This aspect of production became significantly more streamlined by Slate 1000´s clip store functionality.

Prior to installing the Slate 1000, Budzilowski said producing video clips and getting them to run on screen was a complex and labor intensive process. "Edited segments in Final Cut Pro were burned to DVD. Then we had to hook the player to the switcher, cue the scene we wanted, pause it and press play at exactly the right moment," Budzilowski explained. "It became a real headache, especially when there was more than one clip needed for services." Now FBC producers can simply import multiple edited pieces into the Slate 1000 and play them on the fly. With the touch of a button, the right clip plays for the duration needed.

Broadcast Pix´s Slate 1000 enhances the congregation´s experience of performed music during worship services as well. Budzilowski said FBC previously used a Power Point format to display song lyrics and they had no ability to key the lyrics over moving video. Now they are able to key lyrics over edited video clips or shots of the choir. Church members need not look down at a hymnal to read song lyrics and can sing along with their heads held high.

"With the Slate 1000, we have much more flexibility to employ creative methods and make services more engaging for the church members," Budzilowski explained. "After all, they´re here to attend church, not watch TV."

About the Slate 1000 switcher: Slate systems use a switcher on a computer card (patent pending), which is closely coupled to the included workstation´s clip store, still store and Inscriber CG. The computer display provides full motion monitoring of program, preview, and all cameras, so separate video monitors are no longer needed, but can still be added. The Slate 1000 can mix up to eight digital and analog live video inputs with five graphic sources and two clip channels. It offers a control panel, clip store, three keyers and a DVE on each keyer for up to three picture-in-picture boxes. The panel intelligently presents all elements required for a professional broadcast. It retains the familiar layout of a traditional switcher, but its PixButtons™ have built-in displays that always show the exact content of every source and key, and it provides quick access to graphics, clips and even camera controls.

About Broadcast Pix: Broadcast Pix is the leader in integrating switcher and computer technology to provide live television production systems. These are more powerful, easier to use, and much more cost effective than a traditional control room of individual components, yet retain a fast action human interface and robustness. Broadcast Pix switchers enable a single operator to create engaging live video, yet gracefully adds operators on its network when desired. It is the only switcher that can be controlled remotely over the Internet. Broadcast Pix is based in Burlington, Massachusetts, with offices in California and Europe. Customers include leading broadcast, cable, corporate, education, entertainment, mobile, faith and government studios. For more information on Broadcast Pix, go to www.broadcastpix.com. Broadcast Pix , Slate, and PixButton are trademarks of Broadcast Pix, Inc. Patents pending.

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