Oklahoma City, June 13, 2007: The American Education Corporation (AEC)–publisher of the A+nyWhere Learning System® (A+LS™) curriculum courseware program–announced today that it has recently released a new 4-in-1 content and services plan called the A+® VIP Bundle™.

The A+ VIP Bundle is an annual plan that both protects and enhances a customer´s original investment in the A+nyWhere Learning System courseware program. Tailored to keep customers´ A+LS courseware current, while offering premium enhanced features to supercharge the installation, the A+ VIP Bundle contains an array of valuable services that provide cost-effective savings in one cohesive offering.

The Company is offering the A+ VIP Bundle at a special introductory price of more than

50 percent off the standard list price through September of 2007.

The A+ VIP Bundle includes content provided by Encyclopaedia Britannica®, a professional development offering, automatic and all-inclusive A+LS courseware title upgrades, and automatic updates to the customer´s own national and state standard sets.

The first component of the A+ VIP Bundle is access to the Encyclopaedia Britannica product, Britannica Online School Edition. The media partnership between The American Education Corporation and Encyclopaedia Britannica gives students and teachers access to videos, interactive activities, visual manipulatives, extensive articles, audio content, and other resources that are linked directly to the Britannica Online School Edition content from more than 2,100 A+LS courseware lessons.

Students will also have access to many self-directed learning opportunities in the Britannica Online School Edition that will serve to reinforce classroom instruction. In addition to Britannica activities and videos contained in the high school level Encyclopaedia Britannica, the middle school level Compton´s by Britannica, and the elementary level Britannica Elementary Encyclopedia, students also have access to Merriam-Webster´s student dictionary and thesaurus. These content links and resources are available only to A+LS courseware users who purchase the A+ VIP Bundle.

Also included in the bundle is a professional development offering–A+® University™. The online lessons are a review of the basic functions within the A+LS courseware program, and training is self-paced so educators can repeat components as necessary to master concepts.

The A+ University lessons are not intended as a replacement to critical onsite instructor-led training, but rather as reinforcement to the onsite training program. A+ University fortifies the onsite training experience by focusing on the core A+LS courseware elements that the educators will encounter on a day-to-day basis.

The final two components of the A+ VIP Bundle are aimed at keeping all A+LS courseware users

up-to-date in their curriculum content and standard sets. Customers who purchase the bundle automatically receive upgrades on all installed titles and standard sets as they become available–a major benefit for large school districts that have multiple A+LS courseware installations.

With automatic upgrades, there is minimal impact on personnel resources. Also, content upgrades often contain a refreshed look and feel–enhanced graphics that serve to better engage students. Changes to states´ standards vary from state to state. Some states change standards frequently during the year while others make annual changes. The standard set update feature is designed to always keep lessons and learning objectives tied to current national and state standards.

American Education Corporation (AEC) is headquartered at 7506 N. Broadway Extension, Oklahoma City, OK 73116. Contact phone numbers are 800.222.2811 or 405.840.6031. The Company has distribution offices throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and Asia. For more information, please visit www.amered.com.

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