NEW YORK, June 18, 2007–New York City Schools put in place efforts to improve math scores using strong, consistent curriculum five years ago. These efforts have led to substantial gains made by elementary and middle school students on the latest state math exams. The city´s curriculum includes Wright Group/McGraw-Hill´s Everyday Mathematics in elementary schools and Glencoe/McGraw-Hill´s Impact Mathematics for middle schools.

"It takes an incredible amount of work and dedication from New York City´s administrators, principals, teachers, parents, and most especially students to achieve these results," said William Oldsey, executive vice president, McGraw-Hill Education. "We´re pleased to be a part of the city´s success and we´re proud of our programs that help prepare students to effectively compete in the 21st century."

The percent of students in Grades 3-8 meeting or exceeding state math standards rose by 8.1 points between 2006 and 2007– representing the largest increase since 1999. In addition, scores indicated a shrinking of the achievement gap between students of different racial backgrounds, while they surpassed gains attained by students in the rest of the State.

Students in every grade tested–Grade 3-8–showed significant improvement, most in double digits, in the number of students performing at or above grade level. In all, 65.1 percent of New York City´s students are at grade level or above. Complete results can be viewed at the district´s Web page.

McGraw-Hill Education has partnered with the city to ensure a strong implementation of the curricula and provided on-going professional development for educators at all levels.

About Everyday Mathematics

Wright Group/McGraw-Hill´s Everyday Mathematics celebrated 20 years of teaching success in 2005. This PreK-6 mathematics program helps student measure up to the demand for greater mathematical competence and problem-solving ability. Developed by the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project, the research-based curriculum is used in nearly 185,000 classrooms across the United States by more than 3 million children. Everyday Mathematics reflects the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics´ desire to have student understand the theory behind mathematical formulas and calculations. It is in line with NCTM standards and the recently released NCTM Curriculum Focal Points.

About Impact Mathematics

Impact Mathematics: Algebra and More is a comprehensive mathematics curriculum for Grades 6-8 that completes a full year of algebra by the end of Grade 8. Impact Mathematics was developed by Education Development Center Inc. The algebra strand is based on the highly successful Australian program, Access to Algebra, developed by the Curriculum Corporation. The number, geometry, data, and probability strands were created especially for Impact Mathematics.

Impact Mathematics combines ease of use and appropriate attention to practice and skills with active involvement on the part of students in making sense of important mathematical ideas.

About McGraw-Hill Education

McGraw-Hill Education, a division of The McGraw-Hill Companies (NYSE: MHP), is a leading global provider of instructional, assessment and reference solutions that empower professionals and students of all ages. Brands include CTB/McGraw-Hill, Glencoe, Macmillan/McGraw-Hill, McGraw-Hill Higher

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