DANVERS, MASSACHUSETTS, June 15, 2007 ? RISO, Inc., a leader in digital printing technology, announced that its Printer-Duplicator products have earned the ENERGY STAR® rating. ENERGY STAR is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy that helps individuals and businesses save money and protect the environment by choosing energy efficient products and practices that have been certified as ENERGY STAR compliant.

RISO Printer-Duplicators employ a plate-based ink-on-paper technology that eliminates the extreme heat and high power consumption required by photocopiers and toner-based printers, offering an environmentally friendly alternative that is also significantly less expensive to operate. They require as little as 3.5 amps of electrical current and use about the same energy as four 100-watt light bulbs when producing copies. RISO Printer-Duplicators are substantial energy savers even when compared to other ENERGY STAR rated printing and photocopying products; in a side-by-side comparison of a RISO Printer-Duplicator and an ENERGY STAR rated photocopier, the Printer-Duplicator resulted in a 95% energy cost savings over the photocopier.

In addition to their low energy usage, the lack of heat in the printing process eliminates the need for compensatory cooling, further reducing energy consumption and cost. This reduction in energy consumption in turn further reduces the Printer-Duplicator´s carbon footprint ? the amount of carbon dioxide emitted through combustion of fossil fuels that leads to ozone depletion.

RISO Printer-Duplicators are environmentally friendly in other ways. They can use soy-based ink, and print on a variety of recycled paper stocks that many printers and photocopiers can´t handle. They are extremely reliable, requiring fewer maintenance calls, and their long life reduces the amount of waste going into landfills.

RISO Kagaku Corporation, RISO, Inc.´s parent company, has focused on environmental issues for many years. In 1996, the company set up an Environmental Protection Department and in 1998 established the "RISO Environmental Charter" and "RISO Environmental Protection Principles." The company actively promotes environmental protection in its daily corporate operations worldwide. This commitment to the environment is a core value, and is evident in the development of environmentally-friendly printing technologies.

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RISO, Inc. (http://us.riso.com) sells a variety of unique printing solutions throughout the Americas. Its line of digital Printer-Duplicators includes one-, two- and full color systems that reliably produce millions of copies, are environmentally friendly, and are easy and inexpensive to use. RISO´s HC FORCEJET? ComColorTM printers provide fast and affordable full color digital printing for everyday communications, at speeds up to 120 pages per minute, for as little as 3¢ per page running costs.

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