Codian takes high-definition to a whole new level

Anaheim, CA–June 19, 2007–Codian, one of the fastest growing voice and visual communications companies, continues to break new ground both on and off the InfoComm show floor.

First showing for 1080p

At this year´s show, Codian is set to alter user and industry expectations through a series of groundbreaking technology demonstrations which, say the Company, take voice and video communications to a whole new level. At the heart of this claim is the Codian MCU 4500 Series voice and video bridge, and the first public showing of its full capability–1080p resolution–the definitive HD standard. As the only true high-definition bridge on the market, Codian´s MCU 4500 Series already offers users crystal-clear full-motion, high-definition 720p H.264 at 30 frames per second with Continuous Presence and is only held back today by the abilities of the endpoint and network. 1080p is a realization of the Codian MCU 4500 Series´ integral capacity to scale to meet the future capabilities of new HD endpoints and therefore, protects current investments.

Codian ClearVision?–ingeniously transforms SD and ED

Codian ClearVision? will showcase alongside 1080p, and is yet another revolutionary technological breakthrough. "Codian ClearVision will cause a paradigm shift for the industry and will be of interest to the million plus group video system users throughout the world," said Mark Loney, Product Manager, Codian. Codian ClearVision is a new enhancement to the MCU 4500 Series that transforms poor quality images, from standard and enhanced-definition endpoints, into ?near´ high-definition clarity. Therefore, organizations that install high-definition video conference systems can now experience superior quality images consistently, no matter where or how they originate.

Universal connectivity–for the next generation of messaging systems

Codian will demonstrate how to capitalize upon the Internet for low cost communications. The Codian IP GW 3500 Series gives the freedom and cost-saving benefits of the Internet, with the ease-of-use of a telephone. It is bi-directional, connecting voice and video IP endpoints and infrastructure to and from the Internet without requiring additional infrastructure. Designed to integrate with existing systems, the Codian IP GW 3500 Series allows calls to be made by dialling a phone number, IP address, through an interactive menu or be routed by an operator.

To demonstrate the power and versatility of the IP GW 3500 Series, Codian will show how users can take advantage of Google Talk, as a means for greater connectivity beyond the enterprise, reaching partners and mobile workers. "We already enable ordinary telephones, as well as video phones, to dial any IP device anywhere in the world," said Mark Loney. "The Codian IP GW 3500 Series is the gateway for universal connectivity. At InfoComm we are demonstrating integration with the next generation of messaging systems, such as Google Talk, while maintaining ease-of-use."

Prepare to be amazed

If 1080p, ClearVision and ?universal connectivity´ aren´t enough, Codian has another visual treat in store for visitors to its booth. Codian aims to show just how immersive and lifelike HD with Continuous Presence truly is when using the Codian MCU 4500 Series. Codian, with a little help from a celebrity psychological illusionist, will go beyond reading body language and facial expressions to the impossible–?mind-reading´! With a real-time demonstration, a UK based celebrity, Andrew Murray, will connect via the Internet, to host a multipoint call and interact with an audience gathered on Codian´s booth 4646 in hall C. From a secret location, he will perform a series of mind-bending illusions that will build up to an astonishing ?how does he do it?´ finale. Codian will connect three locations to help him pull off his illusion.

Codian´s family on display

Codian will show its full range of solutions that have revolutionized video communications and taken high-definition to a new level. The products on show include the cutting-edge MCU 4500 Series and landmark MCU 4200 Series; the ISDN Gateway 3200 Series; the IP Gateway 3500 Series; the MSE 8000 Series; the Codian Management Platform including Codian Scheduler and Codian Director, and the IP VCR 2200 Series (IP video conference recorder). The IP VCR 2200 Series is a unique digital recorder specifically designed for video conferencing, enabling users to preserve valuable video content for future viewing. It also supports high-definition.

"We have a passion for using the most advanced technology to provide real business solutions that are reliable, easy-to-use and deliver outstanding visual and audio quality. At InfoComm we are showing our end-to-end product range together with demonstrations, which show what we have in mind for the future," said David Holloway, Chief Executive Officer, Codian

About Codian

Codian is one of the fastest growing voice and visual communications companies in the world. With a rapidly growing global customer base, Codian is renowned for delivering quality customer service and satisfaction. Codian solutions offer unrivalled reliability and ease-of-use. Codian is proven to provide the best available voice and video quality for conferencing throughout an enterprise: in the boardroom, on the move and on the desktop. Furthermore, Codian´s conferencing product family is unique in its ability to deliver a truly lifelike, interactive, telepresence-style, experience for all meeting participants.

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