New Albany, IN. (June 21, 2007)–Fourier Systems, Ltd., a global provider of science and one-to-one computing solutions for the education market, introduces new features for the Nova5000 to better provide educators with the tools they need to implement a ubiquitous technology environment.

"Our goal is not just to provide students and teachers with a solution to incorporate technology into the classroom, but to give them a complete, cost-effective package of all the tools they need to learn and teach effectively in the 21st century," said Brenda Raker, CEO of Fourier Systems U.S. Operations.

Fourier Systems has added new features to the Nova5000, including:

8-Hour Battery Life

The updated Nova5000 now runs for 8-hours on a single charge, allowing educators and students to use the device continuously over an entire school day.

Brighter LCD Screen

The new LCD screen offers improved brightness, which allows the user to control the level of brightness with an 11-position scale. This permits students and teachers to utilize the Nova5000 outside, allowing for more in-the-field data collection.

Active Directory

The Nova5000 now supports active directory services, allowing password-protected single user access to network resources. For example, students use their own user names and passwords to connect to the school network via the Nova5000 and the active directory identifies and tracks each unique user session.

Compact Flash Modem

Compact Flash Modem enables Internet connection via standard phone lines to meet the needs of rural, developing or underprivileged schools that do not have broadband Internet access. Students in these areas can connect a compact flash 56.6K modem card to the unit´s compact flash slot and then connect to any phone line. This democratizes the use of the Nova5000, and ensures students and schools from any economic background or rural location can enjoy access to the Internet whether at home, at school or on field trips.

Charge Via Generator

Fourier Systems team members have recently visited Africa to begin replicating the Nova5000 Rural Areas Model, which is currently used in the Bedouin communities in Israel. Many governments of largely rural areas recognize the pivotal role information and communications technologies (ICTs) play in accelerating economic growth and social development. Through the provision of a Nova5000, a generator for electricity and sensors for scientific experimentation, the schools have all the equipment necessary to create an e-school environment.


Another new application for the Nova5000 is the ProScope, which surpasses conventional laboratory microscopes in versatility due to its interchangeable lenses and high-quality 1-10X lens. The Nova5000 is bundled with the ProScope HR software, provided at no cost with every ProScope HR. Features include:

    •Three resolution settings: 320×240, 640×480 and 1280×1024

    •Real-time image display

    •Still image capture

    •Video capture

    •Time lapse capture

    •Preview of captured images

    •Site license for use on your local network

In addition, Fourier Systems has developed a new curriculum book for physics for the Nova5000. View a few sample experiments on the company´s Teachers´ Forum, Experiment Activities page at

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About Fourier Systems, Ltd.

Established in 1989, Fourier Systems is a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of compact portable data-logging devices, accessories and 1:1 computing solutions for the education market. The company´s science kits used in over 30 countries world-wide, set high standards in science education. Comprising a wide range of sensors, user-friendly software and relevant curriculum material, the company´s products embody its commitment to quality and innovation. As a result, Fourier has earned national and international accolades, including the Worlddidac award for the EcoLog, ExperiNet and Nova5000. For more information, visit

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