Tinley Park, Il. (June 21, 2007)–The new PANDUIT® STRUCTUREDGROUND?Access Floor Grounding Clamp creates a high performance electrical bond and installs underfloor mesh common bonding networks (MCBNs) faster than with other manufacturers´ clamps.

The innovative quad bolt is optimized for TIA-942 compliant, grid based

MCBNs and ensures direct contact between the perpendicular MCBN conductors. This design minimizes overall resistance and creates a high performance bond, which protects network equipment and maintains system performance for maximum uptime. The unique captive U-bolt mounts to round and square pedestals with a single hinged bolt to speed

installation and bond the access floor to the MCBN. Wide wire range-taking capability minimizes

inventory requirements.

For more information on STRUCTUREDGROUND?Access Floor Grounding Clamp, request Specification Sheet SA-GRSP02 through customer service (email: cs@panduit.com, phone: 800-777-3300) or view on the website (www.panduit.com/sg23).


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