How do you go in a few years from a small computing upstart to relative major player in providing computing access to schools on a tight budget? You create an amazing new technology that revolutionizes how schools provide computing capabilities to their students. That?s exactly what NComputing has done and their products are finding their way into more and more schools throughout the nation. But what makes their technology so different? NComputing?s multi-user computing technology allows a standard PC to be shared simultaneously with up to 30 users by redistributing unused computing power. Attaching a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to any of NComputing?s products creates one or more PC access terminals that function like a standalone PC. Priced as low as $70 per student, the technology is rapidly being deployed in school districts from coast-to-coast ? from Orangeburg, South Carolina to Sacramento, California.

With hardly any money invested in marketing and advertising, NComputing has grown through word of mouth and school IT managers sharing their experiences with their counterparts in other districts. One such example happened in North Carolina where NComputing grew from providing computing access to a small school district in McDowell County to now deploying over 2,500 NComputing systems to over 10,000 students in 25 districts all over the state. NComputing was able to save the state of North Carolina a total of $4 million over using traditional PCs. That cost savings grew even more by the long term energy saved (5W vs. 200W for PC).

Fueling the strong word of mouth was not only the cost and energy savings but also the time and money saved in reduced maintenance. These days IT managers are faced with huge challenges in overseeing hundreds if not thousands of computers and support tickets. Using NComputing you only have to use about a fourth of the number of PCs as in a traditional PC environment. And since the number of required PCs is only a fraction of the number of access terminals, the hours of IT personnel time required to deploy, support and manage the equipment are greatly reduced. Reports show that the deployment time of an NComputing lab in North Carolina took 75% less time than a traditional PC lab and required 75% less ongoing maintenance. The same report also shows that setting up a computing lab using NComputing products costs 57% lower than using traditional PCs. What does that translate to? A computing budget of $100,000 can afford 188 more computing seats than using standard PCs.

Similar success stories have happened in the Baltimore City school district that started out with one NComputing system and now deploy over 750 seats. And Amarillo Texas school district recently grew from two units to over 420 computing seats using NComputing products. The low cost and dramatically reduced maintenance makes NComputing ideal for any size school or school district.

It?s easy to see why NComputing has spread not only throughout the North Carolina school districts but also the world. The fact is that NComputing has sold over 250,000 products in over 50 countries, providing computing access where there was none before. To learn how your school can be next call 888.365-1210 or visit

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