NEW ALBANY, IND. (June 25, 2007)–To promote the goal of providing affordable computer access to every student, Fourier Systems, Ltd., and a growing number of leading industry technology developers have joined together to form the Nova Learning Alliance.

The goal of the Nova Learning Alliance is to provide an environment where member organizations can work together to foster the continuing development of technology that will provide each child an affordable computing solution. This international consortium also will offer high-quality, integrated resources to educational institutions worldwide.

"Fourier Systems provides students worldwide with technology tools that enhance their critical thinking skills and helps them compete on a global level," said Brenda Raker, CEO of Fourier Systems U.S. "The Nova Learning Alliance serves as a catalyst to encourage other technology innovators, in addition to those already participating, to develop products and services that meet these goals."

Members of the Nova Learning Alliance include: GoKnow Learning, MathResources, Inspiration, Thinkronize, LearnStar, and LanSchool. Together, these member organizations are working to:

  • Promote 21st century skills for every child
  • Provide professional development opportunities to support technology integration across the curriculum
  • Offer site-based training and assistance to educators at consortium schools
  • Provide workshops related to the Nova Learning Alliance

The Nova Learning Alliance aims to provide students with a comprehensive learning environment by designing hardware and bundling software specifically for use in the classroom.

Fourier Systems has learned through educator feedback and extensive research that a truly successful technology solution must cover a wide range of curriculum needs while being very easy to manage. Fourier Systems and the Nova Learning Alliance are working to develop and deploy an effective solution that will help students successfully learn in a one-to-one environment.

For additional information about the Nova Learning Alliance, please contact Fourier Systems at 812.206.2333.

About Fourier Systems, Ltd.

Established in 1989, Fourier Systems is a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of compact portable data-logging devices, accessories and 1:1 computing solutions for the education market. The company´s science kits are used in over 30 countries worldwide, to set high standards in science education. Comprising a wide range of sensors, user-friendly software and relevant curriculum material, the company´s products embody its commitment to quality and innovation. As a result, Fourier has earned national and international accolades, including the Worlddidac award for the EcoLog, ExperiNet and Nova5000. For more information, visit

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