GREELEY, COLO. (June 25, 2007)–Offering educators and administrators a revolutionary way to track, manage and interpret classroom data, Excelsior Software introduces Pinnacle Web, the newest addition to the company´s best of breed Pinnacle Education Solutions suite. The new solution embodies the latest in fully browser-based technologies, building on the feature-rich functionality offered in the company´s Pinnacle System, but delivered on-demand, via browser, with a true zero footprint.

Through a single portal, Pinnacle Web gives every teacher in a district access to an array of applications: a newly redesigned and enhanced standards-based gradebook; cutting edge data analysis tools for advanced decision support in the classroom; and just-in-time, embedded videos for staff development. With expanded home-to-school communication, parents can easily participate in their child´s education, and students become more engaged in their own academic progress. And as an assessment management tool, Pinnacle Web demonstrates the real value of reliable formative assessments in the classroom by providing immediate and accurate feedback on student progress to teachers, allowing them to adjust instructional strategies and curriculum to meet the immediate needs of their students.

Pinnacle Web does not require any software installation, local client, special downloads, or plug-ins, saving districts time and money in initial purchase costs and maintenance. Built using the same AJAX technologies employed in Google Maps, the gradebook provides users smooth scrolling, instant response rollover information, smart menus with drop-down options, and immediate, real-time information.

The technology underpinning the tool also offers an intuitive interface, designed to provide a streamlined, simplified experience, which saves time when educators and administrators enter and retrieve data from the system. Pinnacle Web fully integrates with any student information system (SIS), providing districts a cost-effective way to manage data, including grades & assessments, attendance, discipline and many other categories of student data.

"We build tools to provide teachers and administrators immediate access to their student data, but we also strive to build tools that will transform the art of classroom assessment into a true vehicle for change. Using this kind of state-of-the art technology, educators can make better-informed decisions about future instruction and the overall learning environment," said William Zaggle, CEO of Excelsior Software. "To take this one step further, we are providing a solution that initiates conversations among all stakeholders to collaborate and discover strategies to ensure that all students are given the best opportunities to succeed."

For those schools and districts moving to a standards-based environment, Pinnacle Web provides instant indicators of learning for teachers to monitor student progress toward standards mastery. Recommended and endorsed by such experts in the field as Dr. Robert Marzano and the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), Pinnacle Web aids instruction on a day-to-day basis in the classroom environment by delivering real-time information to teachers and effective feedback to students.

Requiring minimal training for both seasoned gradebook users and those new to the Pinnacle product line, Pinnacle Web offers:

  • A new ergonomically designed interface, which reduces training requirements
  • A home screen that includes new and dropped students, birthdays, and messages
  • from building principal and/or district administrators

  • A teacher tool to aid instructional decisions day-to-day in the classroom
  • A true standards-based gradebook that goes beyond providing averaging and grade comment capabilities, to deliver instant calculations of standards mastery
  • Traditional and standards-based report cards generated automatically without dual entry
  • Intelligent, prescriptive diagnostics for teachers to monitor student progress
  • Just-in-time, embedded videos to aid initial training and ongoing staff development
  • Expanded mobility for educators, requiring access to only the Web and a SQL server
  • Compatibility with Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox

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About Excelsior Software

Excelsior Software is committed to raising student achievement by providing immediate access to performance information, increasing teacher productivity, and improving communication. As the pioneer of the electronic gradebook concept in 1986, Excelsior´s experience in assessment management supports educators by delivering the technical innovations that meet the needs of today´s evolving data-driven educational system. The company´s Pinnacle Plus software solution automatically tracks and reports student progress and attendance data to educators and parents at the individual, group, class, school, and district levels. Currently, Excelsior works with educators in nearly 1,000 districts nationwide, and its Pinnacle Plus solution is the sole student assessment software product recommended by the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD). Excelsior remains privately owned by its original founders, with company headquarters in Greeley, Colo. For more information, visit or phone 1-800-473 4572.

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