CALGARY, Alberta — May 7, 2007 — SMART Technologies Inc. announces the release of Notebook? interactive viewer, a cross-platform application enabling users to view, share and interact with content created in Notebook collaborative learning software, the main whiteboarding application within SMART Board? software. With Notebook interactive viewer, educators can open and work with Notebook files regardless of the hardware platform or brand of interactive whiteboard, ensuring they will be able to access their Notebook files and content everywhere they go. It is now available to download for Windows®, Mac OS and Linux® operating systems.

Notebook interactive viewer has an interface similar to the full version of Notebook software, which is available exclusively to SMART customers. The viewer enables users to interact with lesson activities without having the full version of Notebook software. If teachers without access to SMART products are sent a Notebook file, they can download this small, one-time application that allows them to open, view and work with the content in the file. With Notebook files, teachers can, for instance, drag images across the screen, sort pages, play embedded multimedia, use active Web links and write over lessons.

"SMART is committed to providing technology tools that work in 21st-century learning environments," says Nancy Knowlton, SMART´s CEO. "As educators worldwide make the shift to digital learning environments and use SMART Board interactive whiteboards and Notebook software to create digital content, we felt that greater value and sharing could be derived from making Notebook files accessible to everyone."

About Notebook collaborative learning software

Notebook software is whiteboarding software used exclusively with SMART products. It allows users to immediately capture and save notes and drawings written on a SMART Board interactive whiteboard or a desktop computer. Users can import graphics, text and multimedia elements into a Notebook file, export the file to HTML, PDF or PowerPoint® software or save their work as a series of image files. Notebook software is available as part of SMART Board software, which comes with all SMART Board interactive whiteboards, Sympodium? interactive pen displays and AirLiner? wireless slates. SMART customers can download the latest version at

Pricing and availability

Notebook interactive viewer for Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems is now available to download for any educator using any hardware platform. For more information, visit or call 1.888.42.SMART.

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