Two heads are better than one was the impression that these two wonderful teachers left after a presentation on digitizing the classroom. Although the title on the Power point caused some concern since it was centered on Science teachers, it was obviously modified to aid all teachers. The modest turnout kept the crowd intrigued enough to stay and listen to all of the great ideas. Most of the teachers in the room admitted to being science teachers.

Both presenters used the forum to showcase ways that teachers can improve their classrooms by utilizing technology. Their ability to start and stop conversations where the other left off was great. One of the highlights of the presentation was revealing how the Mimio product could be used as an alternative the expensive Smart Board and Promethean Board technology. It appeared that many teachers were unaware that Mimio allows teachers to change their regular white boards to an interactive screen for about $600. Some educators will likely find that this is a worthwhile investment and it was an added bonus to their presentation.

In the end, these presenters provided a wealth of information because anything that was missed was available on their websites. Some teachers of other subjects may have been focused on the science aspect of the title, but the overall presentation helped all teachers. The listeners walked away with a sense of confidence that educators had the ability to do something new with technology if they tried. One of Mader’s best statements was that as educators, the primary goal that should be sought from their presentation was to walk away with one thing that could be added to the classroom. Ideally, this was an understatement.

Carlos Sutton, Educator, DeKalb County Schools