RANCHO DOMINQUEZ, Calif., June 25, 2007–For decades, quiz tournaments, also known as quiz bowls, have been a popular way for teachers to encourage class involvement, greater retention of curriculum material and, consequently, higher test scores. Now Educational Insights´ new wireless GeoSafari® Quiz Bowl System makes these customized quizzes easier for teachers to administer and more fun for students to play. Designed for grades three and up, the system is being introduced at the 2007 National Educational Computing Conference (NECC).

Teachers can create questions via the master unit´s game authoring software, assign a point value for each question, type in the players´ names and print out the questions and answers for the moderator. After the moderator asks the question, the name of the student who "buzzes in" first is displayed on the team´s scoreboard unit. Once the answer is given, the moderator presses "correct" or "incorrect" on the error-proof Host Controller and the Scoreboard displays the result with lively sound effects and flashing lights. Questions can be assigned a time value and teachers can also create bonus questions in order to add to the excitement.

Quiz Bowl Scoreboards have two triple-color LEDs on the back and front of the units for response acknowledgment. The unit´s five-character display shows the teams´ scores. If the teacher chooses to type players´ names into the system, the unit will show the name of the first player to press his or her remote. Teachers can create and store up to 5,000 questions for a maximum of 100 games of 50 questions or 50 games of 100 questions.

The basic kit comes with 10 player remotes in order to accommodate two teams of five players each. However, sets of extra scoreboards and player remotes may be purchased to accommodate additional teams. Teachers may also opt to not type names into the system to allow players the opportunity to share the remotes and accommodate larger teams.

According to Jim Whitney, President of Educational Insights, "The GeoSafari Quiz Bowl brings cutting-edge technology to the classic quiz tournaments, and offers a new twist on learning. Quiz tournaments are conducted on local, state, regional and national levels throughout the country. Elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and colleges can use the system for anything from small class review sessions to large inter-scholastic events."

Quiz Bowl Extras and Pricing

The basic Quiz Bowl kit has a purchase price of $499.99. Educators may also purchase an extra scoreboard and five player remotes for $199.99 or opt for a set of five player remotes at a price of $99.99.

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