Tommy Clay, Marquis Montgomery, and Carol Harless offered great practical advice for providing electronic literacy to students. It was apparent that these teachers had a keen sense of understanding the process of helping students through digital media, specifically with the creation of iMovies.

One of the best statements made during this presentation, according to Clay, was that students can be given simple directions on how to create a movie. The basic steps included: 1) Put the images in, 2) Add Text, 3) Add Music/Sounds, and 4) Add Transitions. It seemed like a simple recipe, but the intentions of Clay were to set students up for success with making film making a step-by-step process.

Finally, the biggest compliment to this presentation was the live student example provided by Marquis Montgomery. Watching Marquis was like watching a young prodigy in action. His classroom example of a Holocaust iMovie was ingenious. As an aspiring college student, he served as a great example for teachers of how technology can make a difference in the lives of a child.