Without a Macintosh (Mac) laptop, the interest in the session would have been lost. Individuals were actually given a lesson on how to create a website with the software that already exists on the Mac computer. The three speakers all began with introductions, but soon afterwards, Lewis showed the audience several completed web pages before the interactive learning began. Her personal superior sites showed ways that individual teachers could promote professional development and educational reinforcement for students.

One of the highlights of the session occurred when David Winton went step-by-step on how to make a simple website that could be used for student learning. The process of making a website was taken slowly for all learners. As good educators do, Anderson and Winton, had high visibility as they moved around the room to help those in need.

The session ended with Lewis going in greater depth of how to add things to the website. The overall presentation was one of the better ones at the NECC. The only downfall of this session was that it was not geared in any way to personal computer (PC) users. Podcasts and photos are still concepts that can be secured on a PC; however, it is understandable that the Mac would take priority because some of the software items for publishing are simply built into the system.

Carlos Sutton, Educator, DeKalb County Schools