Lightspeed Systems partnering with schools to extend internet safety to community

BAKERSFIELD, Calif.–June 26, 2007– Lightspeed Systems, developer of innovative network security and traffic management products, today announced its Community Internet Safety Initiative in partnership with schools nationwide. At the center of the program is Lightspeed Systems? new desktop Internet filtering and reporting software, Lightspeed Guide, which extends its line of school network security solutions that currently protect more than four million K-12 students nationwide.

Given the large percentage of students who have access to the Internet at home, more schools are actively encouraging the use of online educational resources, teacher web sites, online grade access, and/or one-to-one computing initiatives. ?This trend?along with current school outreach regarding online safety and the need for parental engagement with schools?is the basis of our online safety program,? says Joel Heinrichs, Lightspeed Systems CEO. ?There is a need to protect these children and their families from the harsh realities of the Internet while pursuing their education from home.?

Five school districts of varying sizes have already expressed interest in proceeding with a pilot program this fall. Schools partnering with Lightspeed Systems can expect to receive a complete and customizable package that includes free Lightspeed Guide software for school families, user support, a co-branded educational website, parent handouts, and an optional Internet safety presentation. In return, schools commit to distribute the information to school families and assist with program evaluation.

Initially the focus is on jointly providing home content filtering and reporting?with an eye on expanding to include cyber-bullying prevention, collaboration tools, and more. Lightspeed Guide may optionally be integrated with Lightspeed Systems Total Traffic Control network security software for policy settings and reporting in one-to-one computer deployments.

Educational institutions can learn more about the program online at, directly from Heinrichs at NECC (mobile 805-709-9472), or following the show at 877- 447-6244.

About Lightspeed Systems

Offering a versatile continuum of software solutions, Lightspeed Systems meets the security, reporting, and management needs of school technology administrators as well as the comprehensive online safety concerns of school boards and superintendents. Now installed in more than 600 school districts, its software protects more than four million children while at school. Lightspeed Systems has its corporate headquarters at: 1800 19th Street, Bakersfield, Calif. Telephone: (661) 324-4291. Web site:

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