Dallas, TX, June 25, 2007–eLearning Systems International announces the addition of more than 200 science topics to its library of integrated Web-based courses for elementary and secondary school students. Units include biology, physical science, life science and earth science.

WebLessons simplifies the process of using the web as a teaching tool by providing teachers and students with instructions, study questions, vocabulary, quizzes and inquiry-based projects, all centered around compelling rich-media content from a multitude of online resources. Among these resources are student-centered sites developed by leading museums and organizations like the Genetic Science Learning Center; government institutions such as NASA and the Department of Energy; noted media sites like Discovery.com and PBS; and 25 U.S. universities plus University of Leicester, a world-famous research university in the United Kingdom .

As with other subject area courseware available through WebLessons, the new science curriculum follows a proven step-by-step learning path. First, students are introduced to the topic through a situated learning proposition that activates prior knowledge and generates interest. Next, WebLessons guides them through a series of Web resources related to the topic. Afterward, students take a short quiz to reinforce the newly acquired knowledge, and then they complete a final written project related to the initial scenario, making the entire activity circular

"Our new lessons allow science teachers to supplement their classroom and lab curriculum without having to take time away from their usual duties to search online for the material themselves," said Mary Ashmore, founder of eLearning Systems. "Since the system takes users directly to relevant Web pages without anyone ever having to type in a URL, students can stay on task, on track and engaged."

In addition to whole-class instruction, WebLessons can be used as a directed self-study activity for the majority of a classroom while teachers provide assistance to individuals or small groups as needed. In addition, teachers can use the system´s automated management features to manage student profiles, assign lessons, track student progress, grade lessons and provide feedback.

Pricing and Availability

WebLessons Science pricing starts at $450.00 per teacher per annual subscription. Teachers can use the system with an unlimited number of students. Volume discounts apply. An annual subscription includes access to all available science lesson topics as well as free user support and online training.

About eLearning Systems International

eLearning Systems International is a U.S.-based developer of online learning solutions, providing Web 2.0 applications for teachers and students, as well as consultation and custom development for non-profit organizations with an educational charter. Their expertise allows them to create systems that maximize the potential of the global network as a platform for managing and delivering highly effective instructional programs at any time, from any location, using only a standard Web browser. With offices in Dallas, Texas and Johannesburg, South Africa, the company was founded by Mary Ashmore, an outspoken advocate for web-based teaching and learning. For more information visit www.elearningsystems.org.

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