WINSTON-SALEM N.C.–June 22, 2007– GET Interactive today announced a new process that promises to revolutionize advertising, allowing viewers of music videos, films and other video content to buy and interact with brand and products they see on screen by simply pointing and clicking.

The company´s patent-pending system converts any video content on the Internet, mobile device or IPTV into a shopping or promotional opportunity without disrupting the viewing experience. GET Interactive´s opt-in marketing model arrives at a time when traditional advertising is losing its effectiveness, said Rick Harrison, the company´s founder and chief executive officer.

"GET Interactive re-defines the rules of engagement with the consumer," Harrison said. "This is an opportunity for the presenter of a brand to drill down and create a relationship with a consumer."

GET Interactive works with advertisers and content producers to identify products that appear in the video content. Without disrupting their viewing experience, consumers can click the "GET Shop Spot" and browse through still images of the content in a new browser window. Consumers simply point and click on selected items to launch an ad panel with a link to a point of purchase or promotion.

The mobile shopping service will allow consumers to bill purchases directly to their handheld account or download a GPS location-based coupon for the nearest store carrying the desired product.

The GET Interactive system is currently operating on the website of Paramount Pictures´ Freedom Writers, a film starring Academy Award® winner Hilary Swank ( ). Meanwhile, Overture Pictures will use GET Interactive´s branding platform in the upcoming feature film, Mad Money.

GET Interactive, headquartered in Winston-Salem, N.C. (with offices in Los Angeles and New York), is also in discussions with Interscope, Geffen and A&M Records, which are part of Universal Music Group. Music videos are already widely viewed on mobile phones and other handheld devices.

GET Interactive´s management team has decades of experience in publishing, advertising, technology, entertainment and brand marketing. Harrison started the company in 2005 to answer the growing demand for a new advertising model.

As DVRs reduce the effectiveness of the traditional 30-second advertising spot and Internet video viewing becomes more popular, entertainment companies are looking for new ways to help advertisers reach consumers. Advertisers want to cut through the noise and clutter of the information landscape, while consumers are fed-up with intrusive marketing.

"We believe very strongly that the future of advertising is opt-in," Harrison said. In GET Interactive´s model, consumers retain total control over the advertising they see. "Our basic goal is to make video viewed anywhere shoppable without disrupting the experience," he said. "We want to be the pathfinder to opt-in marketing around the world."

GET Interactive is already optimized for Internet and handheld content. As of Aug. 1, it will also be configured for IPTV, Harrison said.

GET Interactive´s opt-in marketing paradigm benefits web publishers and digital service providers by generating additional revenue at little or no cost, Harrison said. Brands benefit because they gain access to motivated shoppers, while consumers now get to decide when or whether they will look at advertising.

"No one loses in this scenario," Harrison said. "It´s a total media and branding and shopping solution for video content."

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