St. Louis, Mo, June 21, 2007–Siboney Learning Group announces today that Orchard Software is the recipient of the Golden Lamp Award for technology, educational publishing´s highest honor. The award was presented at last week´s annual award gala in Washington, D.C. hosted by The Association of Educational Publishers (AEP).

"We are very gratified to win this award, but it belongs as much to our customers as it does to us," said Bill Edwards, president of Siboney Learning Group. "Their feedback and support are an important component of Orchard´s success in meeting the diverse instructional needs of today´s students."

Orchard Software provides targeted instruction in math, reading, writing, language arts, and science for grades K-9. Combining formative and benchmark assessments aligned with state standards, motivating instruction, and qualitative data reporting, Orchard Software is the preferred choice for thousands of schools across the country looking to improve their annual yearly progress (AYP).

AEP´s chief executive officer, Charlene Gaynor, was especially impressed by the incredible amount of innovation seen in this year´s products. "The boundaries between the book, the computer, and the manipulative are starting to blur, and we´re starting to see products in formats that really redefine what we traditionally think of as educational materials," said Gaynor. "It´s an exciting thing to watch, and the AEP Awards provide a unique opportunity to see all of this in one place."

About the Golden Lamp Award

The Golden Lamp is the most prestigious award within the field of educational publishing. Awarded annually by the Association of Educational Publishers (AEP), judges include publishing professionals, educators, and librarians who recognize winners as providing the most outstanding materials for learning. In addition to encompassing content and design that transcends the best in its category, Golden Lamp programs are critiqued on their fulfillment of their educational mission.

About Orchard Software

Orchard Software provides schools with a powerful solution that enables educators to adapt and deliver both individualized and whole class instruction that meets the needs of all students, including ELL learners and those with special needs. Orchard has proven effective

In helping teachers differentiate instruction in multilevel classes and provides flexible pricing and scalability so that any classroom, school, or district can implement and take advantage of Orchard´s research-based and motivating content. To learn more, visit .

About Siboney Learning Group

Siboney Learning Group is a dynamic developer, publisher, integrator, and provider of comprehensive and motivational educational software. Orchard is one of several product lines offered by Siboney, including Educational Activities Software, Journey, and Gamco. For more information, visit .

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