Lexmark International has introduced a laser multifunction device, called the Lexmark Education Station, designed to help schools improve their document-management processes and meet the requirements of No Child Left Behind. The unit includes print, copy, scan, and fax capabilities to help schools consolidate devices and reduce costs, and it also allows educators to access Lexmark education solutions on its intuitive, touch-screen interface.

The Education Station comes standard with Scan to Classroom and Forms on Demand capabilities, which give teachers the ability to manage their own documents and help reduce the time they spend on paperwork. The Scan to Classroom application allows teachers to send student work from the Lexmark Education Station directly to a personalized, pre-installed destination on the network. Office personnel can use the same icon to scan and eMail tardy slips, doctors’ notes, and discipline forms directly to teachers. The Forms on Demand application gives teachers and administrators the ability to access and print files stored on the network directly from the Lexmark Education Station.

Schools can maximize the system’s benefits by purchasing optional testing and grading software that allows teachers to gather student exam results and analyze the progress of each individual student quickly. With this solution, teachers can print 15-, 30-, or 60-question tests on demand, using bubble-sheet templates from the Lexmark Education Station, and then receive test results in minutes by scanning completed bubble sheets back into the Lexmark Education Station. The device then will print an image of each student’s test, along with an answer key showing which answers were incorrect, the student’s grade, and room for teacher comments. This single-sheet summary helps give students (and their parents) detailed feedback on their progress. It also allows teachers to see, almost immediately, which students are falling behind and identify possible weak points in the curriculum content, so they can make necessary adjustments.

To consolidate processes and make record-keeping even more efficient, schools can upgrade the Lexmark Education Station even further with an additional solution that integrates the device directly with many student information systems and gradebook software programs. This solution enables real-time student information to be captured electronically and sent directly to their records, Lexmark says.

The basic Lexmark Education Station is available for an estimated price of $3,699 from Lexmark authorized resellers.