As the use of computers and the internet in education grows, so does the need for managing the learning process in networked classrooms. With NetSupport School computer lab software, instructors are able to better instruct, monitor, test, and support students in networked classrooms. The newest version of NetSupport School includes features that enable print management, device management, instant-messenger monitoring, keyboard monitoring, enhanced internet and application monitoring, enhanced testing and control, Windows Vista support, and much more.

NetSupport School is a software-only classroom instruction, monitoring, and testing tool that enables instructors to train students in the computer lab, simply and effectively. With NetSupport School, instructors can make sure that those in the computer lab are making progress on their assigned tasks, using only approved applications and visiting only approved web sites. Instructors also can record all screen, keyboard, and mouse activity on a student’s workstation to review later or replay to the class. From the standpoint of increasingly strapped technology budgets, the software enables instructors to make the most of the computer lab equipment they already have.

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