Anchor Audio has introduced a new line of assistive learning systems (ALS) for hearing-impaired students. The new systems overcome background noise and distance by wirelessly bringing the teacher’s voice and related sounds directly to the ears of students with hearing loss. The direct-to-listener connection is meant to improve the speech-to-noise ratio and also negates echoes, poor acoustics, or other deficiencies of the educational environment, the company says.

The new ALS offerings don’t run on infrared, but instead operate on 16 UHF channels, meaning users can eliminate any interference from local broadcasting sources simply by flipping a dial on the microphone and receiver to change channels. The multiple channels also enable a single ALS receiver to be used for multiple purposes, including assistive listening, audio description, language translation, and allowing stage sound and audio description to be heard simultaneously. Until now, UHF wireless has been available only at high-end prices for entertainment industry users, Anchor Audio says.

Each basic assistive listening package includes one rack-mountable transmitter and four belt-pack receivers with ear bud headphones in a transportable carrying case. The base station transmitter has a range of up to 500 feet, depending on wall density and other wireless products in the area. Solutions with belt-pack transmitters and wireless microphones also are available.

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