Pageflakes, a community-driven personalized home page founded last year, is using Web 2.0 technology to revolutionize how schools and others use the internet through a process known as “pagecasting.” Teachers and students have found it a fast and easy way to set up an online learning environment without any programming skills and at no cost. Using Pageflakes, educators arrange “Flakes”–small, movable versions of popular web sites, interactive research tools, and education-specific applications–on a customized web page. Educators then can use Pageflakes’ innovative pagecasting capability to share their page privately with their students, classes, and administrators, or publish it to the web so anyone can see it. Pageflakes has worked with educators to develop multi-user Flakes specifically for the classroom environment, including a Grade Tracker, Class Schedule, To-Do-List, Message Board, Class Blog, and Class Calendar, in addition to popular online reference tools such as Wikipedia and a dictionary. Hundreds of thousands of other Flakes also are available for news, special interests, document storage, photos, videos, and more–enabling teachers and students to create a shared, education-oriented web site for virtually any subject, learning topic, or educational community, the site’s creators say.