ATLANTA, June 26, 2007–HP today announced it is working with education technology vendors SMART Technologies Inc., Adobe Systems Inc. and DyKnow to aid educators and students in efforts to increase educational achievement through the innovative uses of technology in the classroom.

HP is providing educators with SMART Board™ interactive whiteboards as well as other education resources with Calgary, Canada-based SMART Technologies Inc., and it is working with Indianapolis-based DyKnow to offer a collaborative classroom management solution.

With Adobe, HP will offer a technology bundle to give students and teachers the tools necessary to create rich digital images and video content, websites, blogs and collaborative documents for a variety of school and classroom projects.

When coupled with HP´s award-winning PCs aimed at the education market, these software applications expand HP´s Digital Learning Environment initiative, which aims to further the effective use of technology to educate 21st century learners.

Also at the National Education Computing Conference, HP announced the latest grants from the HP Technology for Teaching program: Fifteen K-12 schools will receive almost $75,000 each in equipment, cash and professional development opportunities.

"HP is a one-stop shop for educational technology providing, with its key partners, a full portfolio of offerings for the digital classroom," said Joel Coombs, director of education sales, Public Sector, HP.

Building the digital classroom

In collaboration with SMART, HP is providing educators with an entire line of hardware and software products, training and services, including SMART Board interactive whiteboards and SynchronEyes classroom management software.

Adding SynchronEyes to HP notebooks allows educators to connect their computers with every computer in a networked classroom to keep students focused on learning. It can block individual students or an entire class from unapproved computer activities.

The SMART Board interactive whiteboards encourage student engagement, learner motivation and knowledge retention and they reach students with a variety of learning styles, including those with special needs.

Senteo, SMART´s interactive response system, enables educators to quiz, poll, access and gauge student understanding. It is fully integrated with SMART Notebook™ collaborative learning software, offering simplicity to teachers using the SMART Board interactive whiteboards.

HP is the only major hardware manufacturer that SMART is working with to supply its solutions to education customers in the United States.

Working with Adobe, HP is enhancing the teaching and learning experience and preparing students with skills for the 21st century workforce. The companies´ combined multimedia technology offering features an HP Notebook PC and Adobe® Digital School Collection software for the K-12 market, which includes:

  • Adobe Photoshop® Elements 5.0
  • Adobe Premiere® Elements 3.0
  • Adobe Contribute™ 4
  • Adobe Acrobat® 8 Professional software, and

    Adobe Teacher resource CD with curriculum and training materials to help teachers engage students and bring the learning experience to life.

HP also is engaging with DyKnow to provide collaborative classroom management. Offering DyKnow Vision and DyKnow Monitor software as an option on HP PCs fosters student-teacher interaction through dynamic note sharing, student response tools, collaborative groups and content replay.

DyKnow Monitor also provides educators with true classroom management. Teachers are able to control classroom computers by blocking programs, such as instant messenger and chat as well by limiting Internet browsing. DyKnow´s novel approach to supporting interactive learning enables scalable and stable mobile environments, even at a distance.

HP Technology for Teaching grants support the digital classroom

The HP Technology for Teaching "leadership" grants announced today reward select winners of the HP Technology for Teaching grant program, which in May awarded more than $7 million in mobile technology, cash and professional development to 172 K-12 public schools and two- and four-year colleges and universities in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Recipients of the latest awards were selected for reinvestment based on their success integrating HP technology into classroom curriculum, demonstration of positive results on student achievement and innovative plans to expand their programs to have a broader impact on student success.

Grant recipients will be in attendance at the National Education Computing Conference, where they will participate in professional development training and share their progress with other grantees.

The overall grant program is designed to improve student achievement through the innovative uses of technology in the classroom while encouraging student interest in careers in technology, engineering, math and science, including environmental science. During the 2007-2008 academic year, HP Technology for Teaching grant projects will affect nearly 42,000 students.

A key component of the program includes professional development in which the grant winners are provided with a mentor from the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE, to help school districts learn how to best incorporate their HP technology into the classroom to complete the project they proposed for funding. This encourages integration of the technology into actual lesson plans.

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