Absolute Software said demand from K-12 institutions for its Computrace Computer Theft Recovery, Data Protection, and Secure Asset Tracking solutions continues to increase. In the United States, 15 of the top 25 largest school districts reportedly are using Computrace to protect their computing assets. In addition, many are expanding their use of the solution each year, including the New York City Department of Education and Tulsa Public Schools, the largest school district in Oklahoma, with approximately 42,000 students. “Over the last two years, there has been acceleration in schools deploying one-to-one student computing initiatives across North America,” said company CEO John Livingston. “We have seen a significant increase in demand for Absolute’s…capabilities in the education market.” Absolute’s Computrace solutions help educational institutions track and recover stolen or missing computers, remotely delete sensitive data, detect unauthorized software or missing hardware, and generate asset reports for upgrades, rollouts, and PC retirement.

Centurion Technologies announced an upgrade to its CompuGuard CornerStone software. The latest version is now compatible with Microsoft Vista. The product is designed to maintain the integrity of a computer’s critical configuration settings. It insulates the hard drive with a protective security coating while establishing a temporary work space to record all changes. Upon reboot, these changes are instantly eliminated from the computer, thereby negating the need for costly maintenance and re-imaging, Centurion says.

Faronics, a developer of utilities for controlling multi-user computing environments, demonstrated its Power Save product, which provides system administrators with enterprise-wide control over advanced computer power configurations, the company says. With Power Save, computers reportedly can be configured to shut down, stand by, or hibernate based on CPU usage, disk activity, and application activity, thereby saving on energy costs.

Securiant presented its Spider Integrated Security Appliance (SpiderISA), a network-security product aimed at mid-size organizations. The company describes the platform as a security solution for schools and others having “dispersed networks and centralized IT staff facing constraints in resources, time, and skills.” SpiderISA’s integrated features include the ability to monitor web surfing, detect and prevent malicious activity on a network, and detect “subtle changes in the usage trends” of all networked computers, Securiant says.