Atomic Learning, a provider of web-based software training programs for schools and other users, introduced a new product called Atomic Training, scheduled for general release in mid-August. Atomic Training is an online system that combines web-based hosting with a customizable training platform. The product provides schools with an online publishing tool to store, manage, and share digital training resources, such as videos, lesson plans, student projects, and more–making it easy to share information and professional development resources throughout schools and districts, the company says. A key feature of the platform is its ability to track usage, an important element of any professional development program. The system is entirely web-based for 24-7 accessibility and is hosted by Atomic Training, allowing schools to avoid the costs and management of file hosting equipment. Atomic Learning also announced that it is providing training on the new Adobe Creative Suite 3 family of products, including Acrobat 8 Professional, Adobe Flash CS3 Professional, Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, and Adobe Photoshop CS3 software. The company has developed a series of tutorials for educators on these four applications that will be included on the new Adobe Digital Career Teaching Resources DVD. This DVD will be provided with all Adobe K-12 school site licenses, Atomic Learning says.

Certiport, which offers certification programs to validate students’ and employees’ technology skills, launched an Adobe Certified Associate Program for certifying proficiency with Adobe’s Dreamweaver and Flash multimedia, video, graphic, and web design software. Certiport said it hopes these digital communication skills and standards will provide even more valid credentials for entry-level employment.

Funds for Learning, an eRate compliance and consulting firm, celebrated its 10th anniversary of providing solutions to meet the needs of eRate stakeholders by releasing an eRate review. The review covers a simple definition of the eRate, requirements and benefits of the program, its integral part in advancing No Child Left Behind, a summary of eRate rules and regulations, and an overview of the program’s future. The review ends by noting that no technology will achieve results if not used as directed and that educational technology is the key to a well-trained, innovative work force, as well as a successful 21st century for the United States.

PBS TeacherLine, a federally financed online program devoted to professional development in education, launched the PBS TeacherLine Connection. The new product is intended to help educators build and improve their coaching skills as they work with peers to improve student achievement. With many schools developing different approaches to professional development, PBS TeacherLine is offering a suite of online tools to provide customizable coaching experiences. The service features so-called “coaching modules” that incorporate theoretical and practical information to support teachers’ learning goals. The modules contain various media from PBS TeacherLine’s online courses–including videos, articles, interactive activities, and web-based resources–that can be searched by topic, grade level, subject-area standards, and media type.

TeachScape displayed its online professional development courses, which can be used in conjunction with face-to-face professional development sessions. The company’s online videos feature step-by-step instructions and include selections on reading, math, and ELL instruction. The videos also include case studies, and they feature educators modeling the behavior being taught in real classrooms, the company said.