ATLANTA–June 25, 2007– Labs are on everybody´s mind because of the current trend toward hands-on learning but they can be costly and require a lot of prep time. However, Holt´s new Virtual Investigations CD-ROM just released by Holt, Rinehart and Winston (, solves that problem. Holt–a leading publisher in secondary education–develops exciting technology resources that expand the classroom walls, motivate students, and make learning exciting.

Virtual Investigations allows students to not only participate in a wide assortment of labs that they might not otherwise have access to in their classroom, but to develop their inquiry skills and reinforce key science concepts. When students begin an investigation, they are transported into a high-tech laboratory where a lab director guides them to a variety of assignments from which to choose. Donning the appropriate safety equipment, like lab coats and safety glasses, students can choose to find the age of an ancient mummy or build a faster car. The procedures for each activity are provided both on screen and in audio or students can refer to a tutorial if they need additional assistance.

"More and more schools are looking toward technology to teach and engage their students," said Allen Wheatcroft, president of Holt. "With Virtual Investigations, students can explore science in a safe, simulated environment that eliminates the expense of lab materials."

Virtual Investigations–available in a version for middle school or high school–is designed to complement the Holt Science and Technology series but can be used as a stand-alone product to complement any middle school or high school curriculum. It will be introduced at the National Educational Computing Conference in Atlanta this week. Virtual Investigations will also be available for high school biology and physical science in late summer 2007.

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