AVON, Conn., June 11, 2007–Renzulli Learning Systems, LLC today announced the availability of its newest version of Renzulli Learning, an interactive on-line program to help students become more engaged and enthusiastic about education leading to increased study time, fewer behavioral problems, and self-directed learning. A recent study showed it also significantly improves test scores. http://www.renzullilearning.com

Renzulli Learning is a Web based learning system that enables teachers to use differentiated curriculum in the classroom by creating individualized assessment of each childs interests and preferred methods of engagement learning. It also delivers customized learning experiences to help them think and learn based on their personal strengths.

The newest version provides enhancements that give teachers more reporting and accountability capabilities.

Many of the solutions developed to meet the requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act have left our schools joyless places promoting boredom, absenteeism, and increased dropout rates, said Dr. Joseph Renzulli, co-founder of Renzulli Learning Systems. We can only gain meaningful, long-term improvements in test scores for all students by giving them enriched motivational experiences that promote engagementsomething Renzulli Learning assists teachers in providing.

Available to all schools and for all student ability levels, Renzulli Learning promotes engagement by fostering the love of learning among students. It is comprised of four key components matching curriculum to each students learning style:

    ?The Renzulli Profiler allows teachers to receive a comprehensive learning assessment of each students motivational makeup in about 45 minutes. It focuses on goal setting and strength-based life skills development.

    ?The Renzulli Differentiation Search Engine matches online and offline resources to each students interest areas and learning styles. Resources are safe, appropriate for the classroom and increases content and concept retention due to its personalized relevance of a topic.

    ?The Lesson Planning and Differentiation tools allow teachers and students to work collaboratively on topics, assignments, and projects. Teachers can differentiate and disseminate a lesson for each diverse segment of their classroom in less than 15 minutes.

    ?The Total Talent Portfolio stores student projects and records in an individualized learning environment that tracks student progress. It is accessible anytime, anywhere and can transport student information from grade to grade, or school to school.

An independent January study involving 198 middle school students and 185 elementary students, who used Renzulli Learning for 2-3 hours per week for 16 weeks, showed increased test scores over a control group who did not use the system. Compared to the control group, students using the system showed an increase of 32 percent in oral reading fluency, a 62 percent increase in social studies, and a 147 percent increase in reading comprehension.

Renzulli Learning is based on the Enrichment Triad Model developed from more than 30 years of research on teaching and learning. Approximately 100,000 students currently have access to Renzulli Learning in 350 U.S. school districts including Los Angeles Unified Schools, New York City Public Schools, Hillsborough County Schools, Fort Worth Independent School District, St. Paul Public Schools, and Fairfax County Schools.

It is easily implemented in current curriculum and technology infrastructures. It is available to all schools and school districts. It costs a maximum of $40 each up to 40 students, or $5,000 per school regardless of the number of students. The system can be purchased with funds from Title 1, Title 2D, Title 5, Curriculum, Technology or Special Education budgets, PTOs and parents.

Note: Curriculum-based measures of oral reading fluency were used for the independent study. The Iowa Tests of Basic Skills was used for reading comprehension, science achievement, and social studies achievement. For additional information about the study call 877-429-1955. Editors/journalists call 860-676-2300 x118.

About Renzulli Learning Systems

Based in Avon, Connecticut, Renzulli Learning Systems is a University of Connecticut Research and Development Corporation Company. The company can be reached at http://www.renzullilearning.com or by calling (877) 429-1955.

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