SmartHelp 4.0 is the only online tutoring solution that provides:

    ?One Teacher for Every Student: Computer-animated learning coaches always provide instant feedback and support, but when specific help is needed, students are connected to LIVE, certified teachers. However, it doesn´t end there–concept teachers provide one-on-one tutoring in a unique online resource room.

    ?Compelling Rewards: To inspire students to learn quickly and effectively, there is our SmartRewards motivation program–students earn points for progress that are redeemable for cool prizes.

    ?Truly Individualized Learning: From our vast content library, students are automatically assigned pathways based on their state, grade, and performance level. Then, post-tests provide a real-time assessment of student needs.

It´s not too soon to start thinking about the next school year. SmartHelp is the only solution that can provide live support and learning for as little as $1 per student, per tutoring hour.

Contact us today at for more details or a live demonstration. We look forward to contributing to your success

There´s no such thing as left behind with SmartHelp 4.0.

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