6/25/07–At the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) in Atlanta, Georgia–MAXIMUS (NYSE: MMS), a nationally recognized leader in special education and instructional management solutions, and CAP Systems, a leading provider of early childhood management software, have announced the formation of a strategic partnership that enables MAXIMUS to deliver the CAPTAIN™ early childhood information management system to its clients and to be a CAP Systems reseller.

MAXIMUS provides TIENET™ Special Education Case Management and Instructional Management Systems to diverse school districts throughout the country. Through the partnership agreement with CAP Systems, MAXIMUS is immediately able to combine its TIENET™ solutions with CAPTAIN™, completing a seamless spectrum of comprehensive child information, performance management and program compliance with federal and state regulations.

In a comprehensive, web-based package, CAPTAIN™ delivers a one-stop solution for all of the administrative, financial, and program management issues related to operating preschool, community action and early childhood programs addressing all of the related management challenges that they present. The Fund Accounting modules deal with the cost allocation and fiscal problems inherent when funding comes from multiple sources in multiple programs, grants and contracts. The client-based systems that deal with programmatic management issues are fully integrated and consider the entire family. Multi-purpose agencies and school districts will have the tools in place to provide a one-stop management approach to their service delivery through the CAP Systems program. The system is constantly maintained and improved as requirements change, regulations are modified, and innovations emerge. The data can ultimately be electronically transferred into a student´s school records through TIENET which serves K-12 students savings hours of time and ensuring complete student records.

"The CAPTAIN™ solution including value-added services from CAP Systems enables MAXIMUS to deliver comprehensive education information to early childhood programs which enables these programs to better utilize existing resources and stay compliant with all applicable regulations and laws," said MAXIMUS Educational Services Division President Dr. Philip E. Geiger.

MAXIMUS TIENET™ special education case management system documents all special education activities including pre-referral, eligibility, IEP development and billing Medicaid. TIENET´s web-based instructional management system helps educators navigate the Response to Intervention (RtI) initiative, manage student testing and performance data, organizes the instructional process and monitors program impact on achieving mandated educational standards. TIENET™ has been endorsed by the Council of Administrators of

Special Education (CASE) as a solution that helps promote the professional standards and practice of special education.

Thomas McLaughlin, President of CAP Systems, said "MAXIMUS TIENET™ and CAPTAIN™ are complementary solutions that provide school districts, Head Start programs and other educational organizations with technology tools to manage the vast amount of critical information required to achieve results from preschool through high school."


MAXIMUS is one of America´s leading government services companies devoted to providing program management, consulting and information technology services. The Company has more than 5,200 employees located in more than 220 offices in the United States, Canada and Australia. In 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2005 MAXIMUS was selected by Forbes Magazine as one of the Best 200 Small Companies in America for that year. Additionally, MAXIMUS is included in the Russell 2000 Index and the S&P SmallCap 600 Index. Learn more at: http://www.maximus.com

About CAP Systems

CAP Systems, Inc. has been in the business of providing software for Community Action, Human Service, and Head Start Agencies since the early 1970s. Initially the company was called Processing Management Inc. and was succeeded by Cap Systems (CAPS) in 1989. Originally in the consulting and custom systems development business, PMI/CAPS developed systems for many Fortune 500 companies and United Nations Agencies. The company is financially sound with long term contractual relationships with all of our customers and a steady pattern of growth. This growth is the result of a continuing investment in new technology and a commitment to using the most powerful tools available.

Learn more at: http://www.capsystems.com

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