PITTSBURGH, Pa., July 5, 2007 — Apangea Learning, a leading provider of cost-effective differentiated instruction, announced the release of SmartHelp 4.0, a real-time online learning environment that provides one teacher for every student. SmartHelp 4.0 will not only assist students with solving specific math problems, but will also teach individualized lessons focusing on critical math concepts.

According to Louis Piconi, Apangea Learning CEO, "SmartHelp 4.0 provides students true one-on-one instruction. This new release is able to address the individualized needs of every student, especially those students requiring specialized help in understanding and mastering fundamental concepts."

SmartHelp 4.0 touts a three tiered teacher led resource room that includes new features that will significantly increase both student motivation and achievement, while providing teachers´ the resources they need to meet federal, state and local mandates. Key features include:

? Teacher Led Resource Room — This three tiered teaching approach provides specific levels of instruction to address each student´s individual learning need.
? Motivation Program — Similar to credit card reward points, our motivation system incites students to learn quickly and effectively by rewarding progress with points redeemable for cool prizes.
? Engaging Student Content — Students select word problem content that appeals to their specific interests: sports, fashion, entertainment and life skills. Just one more way SmartHelp 4.0 motivates today´s students to learn.
? Correlated Learning Pathways — Preset learning pathways integrates individual student needs, while automatically correlating content to any state´s standards.
? Real-time Customized Reports — Teachers can isolate specific information about their district, class and students — even identifying the specific skill challenging a student.
? Advanced Content — SmartHelp´s algebra content has been expanded and restructured to facilitate scaffolding into Algebra 2 and beyond.

"SmartHelp´s proven solution, coupled with 4.0´s groundbreaking motivation system, real-time assessments and multilingual support, delivers the results school districts need at the most cost-effective price," Piconi added.

About Apangea Learning: Apangea Learning is setting a new standard in the way students learn. The company´s groundbreaking SmartHelp tutoring solution enables students to dramatically improve achievement, at the most cost-effective price. SmartHelp provides differentiated instruction for every student via a unique integration of its intelligent tutoring system and live one-on-one human tutors. It utilizes innovative Web-based technology that engages students and teaches fundamental problem-solving skills. Apangea Learning´s solutions are based on one of the world´s largest bodies of cognitive research. Visit Apangea Learning on the web at www.apangealearning.com.

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