DULUTH, Ga., July 2, 2007 — Curriculum Advantage, Inc. has joined with MetaMetrics®, Inc., developer of The Lexile Framework® for Reading, to add Lexiles to its upcoming release of Classworks Science instruction.

Classworks, Curriculum Advantage´s flagship product that offers K-12 education solutions, is developing a science component to go with its Language Arts and Mathematics products. The new science product will use the Lexile Framework to provide a common, developmental scale to match students´ reading abilities with the reading levels of the science instruction. Lexile® measures enable educators, parents, and students to select targeted materials that can improve reading skills and to monitor reading growth across the curriculum, in the library and at home. More than 20 million students received a Lexile measure during the 2005-2006 school year.

By measuring Classworks Science activities on the Lexile scale, the time spent on the computer will be more effective because students will understand more of what they read. Students in the same class will learn the same concept, but based on their individual Lexile measures, the text that they are studying will be tailored to their reading ability. For example, if the class is studying cell structure, the passages that each student reads will differ based on his or her Lexile measure.

"By combining Classworks Science with Lexiles, students can master science concepts at a much faster rate," said Lindsey Cook, president and CEO of Curriculum Advantage.

"Introducing scientific concepts, terms and phrases can be confusing. If students can´t understand the reading material, there is little chance at success. By matching Classworks Science activities with students based on their Lexile measures, we can greatly increase their success rates."

Curriculum Advantage has a history of working with other education entities to enhance Classworks´ capabilities, as well as aligning its instruction with individual state standards and high-stakes tests.

While the collaboration between Curriculum Advantage and MetaMetrics is in the beginning stages, the two companies are already working together, as Curriculum Advantage presented at the recent Lexile National Reading Conference in Florida. "With hundreds of attendees from around the country who use Lexiles as part of their daily instructional planning, it was a great opportunity to join forces in providing meaningful educational solutions," said Cook.

About MetaMetrics, Inc.
MetaMetrics, a privately held educational measurement company, develops scientifically based measures of student achievement that link assessment with instruction, foster better educational practices and improve learning by matching students to materials that meet and challenge their abilities. The company´s team of experienced psychometricians developed The Lexile Framework for Reading and its companion scale, The Quantile Framework® for Mathematics. The Lexile Framework (www.Lexile.com) provides a common, developmental scale for matching reader ability and text difficulty. Lexile measures enable educators, parents and students to select targeted materials that can improve reading skills and to monitor reading growth across the curriculum, in the library and at home. Recognized as the most widely adopted reading measure, Lexiles are part of reading and testing programs in the classroom and at the district and state levels. More than 100,000 books, 80 million articles and 60,000 Web sites have Lexile measures, and all major standardized tests can report student reading scores in Lexiles. The Quantile Framework (www.Quantiles.com) measures mathematics achievement and the difficulty of mathematical skills and problems similar to the way Lexiles measure reading ability and text readability. Quantiles® identify the mathematical skills a student has learned, those that require instruction and new skills the student is ready to learn, enabling educators to use Quantile measures to target instruction, monitor student progress and forecast performance on high-stakes tests.

About Curriculum Advantage
Curriculum Advantage, Inc. (www.curriculumadvantage.com) is based in Duluth, Ga. Curriculum Advantage´s flagship product is Classworks, a network-based system of K-12 reading and mathematics curriculum and learning tools that currently comprise over 5,000 hours of curriculum. Classworks was recently recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as one of only a handful of computer-assisted instruction programs to demonstrate that it improves student achievement, and has earned several software industry honors. Its activities are correlated to national and state learning standards and state tests, and include prescriptive and summative assessment, remediation and reporting tools. Classworks Language Learner Series, another part of the program, addresses English as a Second Language learning with content that focuses on auditory, visual and tactile/kinesthetic components.

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