Sandy, UT, July 9, 2007 —The Hawaii Department of Education (HDOE) plans to streamline the delivery of professional development services to educators by partnering with TrueNorthLogic in the creation of their statewide eLearning and Professional Development Portal solution as part of the Office of Human Resources (OHR) and Office of Information Technology Services (OITS) collaboration, called Professional Development Experiences that Educate, Empower, Excel (PDE3).

In support of HDOE´s Act 51, referred to as "Reinventing Education Act for the Children of Hawaii" (REACH), the PDE3 eLearning and PD portal will advance the state´s initiative to boost responsiveness to educators´ individual needs by uniting the department´s OHR tools and services under one convenient "technology umbrella." The portal is being designed in partnership with OITS with the goal of providing HDOE´s more than 30,000 teachers, administrators, civil service employees, paraprofessionals and other school support personnel with a universal and easy-to-use professional development and career management application suite. The PDE3 will begin the process with teachers.

"By streamlining our Office of Human Resource´s workflow and professional development processes, the PDE3 eLearning and PD portal will empower school personnel to manage their own professional growth and support the implementation of sustainable strategies for improving teacher quality," said Dale Asami, Project Manager.

He continued, "It creates a single, personalized online entry point for each staff member and makes it much easier for us to maintain standardized processes as well as a ´continuous improvement´ and accountability mindset among all personnel."

"TrueNorthLogic enables the state to transform education management from event driven PD into an ongoing PD and collaboration support model," said TrueNorthLogic CEO, Dan Cookson. "The PDE3 eLearning and PD portal will simplify course selection, course management, tracking and reporting, and collaboration and communication with a scalable statewide platform for new personnel induction, mentoring and career development activities for Hawaii educators and administrators. By designing their system in conjunction with OITS, using TNL´s flexible information technology foundation, they can manage professional and staff learning and its impact along every step of the educator development continuum. We expect them to see an upsurge in the quality of their personnel, significant improvements in professional development delivery to existing faculty members and administrators, increased retention and better communication among divisions."

As part of the initial phase of PDE3, the eLearning and PD portal will unify the Office of Human Resources´ systems for professional development and training, new teacher induction and mentoring, administrative benchmarking, and communication. Subsequent phases will create new career development resources and integrate induction and mentoring services to support planning and predictive modeling for retirement and financial/academic planning, which is required by all principals under the state strategy in Act51. PDE3´s eLearning and PD portal will also help bring optimized personal, workgroup and organizational capabilities by aligning these state services with local educational goals.

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