Waltham, Mass., July 3, 2007 — Former Vice President, Product Management and Strategic Partnerships, Louise Dube, will take over as President of Waltham-based Soliloquy Learning, developer of Soliloquy Reading Assistant, a reading program using speech recognition technology. Concurrently, Founder and Chairman Joseph Costello will step in as Chief Executive Officer replacing Jonathan Bower, who will focus his time on specific key strategic initiatives.

Soliloquy was founded in 2000 by Joseph Costello and Dr. Marilyn Jager Adams, the company´s Chief Scientist. Through the development of its signature program, the company is recognizing its mission of helping elementary and secondary students become proficient life-long readers.

"Soliloquy could not have achieved anywhere near what it has without Louise," said Costello. "She has been instrumental in the development of Soliloquy Reading Assistant, has managed all of our significant partnership relationships and has been a key factor in the solid growth of our company. Her drive and expertise have advanced our program and company leaps and bounds. We are excited and lucky to have her expand her responsibilities by taking on this new leadership position."

Dube has extensive experience in the development and marketing of educational technology. Prior to joining Soliloquy in 2002, Dube was the Vice President, Business Unit Manager for the General Learning category with Vivendi Universal. At this position, she headed Syracuse Language Systems and the "Tween" study help category, for which she significantly improved the division´s results. Dube holds a law degree from McGill University and an M.B.A. from Yale University.

"I am delighted to be leading the team that will drive a substantial increase in the distribution of our technology," Dube explained. "The Reading Assistant is a breakthrough program that kids find magical because of its interactive speech interface and that teachers find invaluable because of its significant impact on student performance. I think Soliloquy will become an essential tool in the development of competent readers."

For more information on Soliloquy Learning and the Soliloquy Reading Assistant, visit http://www.soliloquylearning.com or call 1-877-235-6036.

About Soliloquy Learning, Inc.

Founded in 2000, Soliloquy Learning has pioneered new and effective methods for improving reading and spoken language skills. The company´s flagship product, Soliloquy Reading Assistant, provides one-on-one reading support, using proprietary speech recognition technology to monitor and assist students through Guided Oral Reading, the research-proven best practice for fostering reading progress beyond the basics. Design has been led by literacy expert, Dr. Marilyn Jager Adams. Research on the efficacy of Soliloquy Reading Assistant has been sponsored through research grants from NICHD and IES. Soliloquy Learning is a privately held company based in Waltham, Mass. For more information visit: http://www.soliloquylearning.com.

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