The new versions of SANAKO´S best-selling lab-based language learning solutions include important technology enhancements that make them compatible with the most modern applications.

SANAKO Lab 100 and Lab 300 have been optimized for use with the new Microsoft Windows Vista operating system, ensuring their compatibility with new Windows-based applications. These premier language learning systems will also be compatible with other modern applications that run on the Vista operating system.

Customers benefit from our guarantee of usability with the latest release (Vista) from the most widely used operating system (Windows). This in turn provides the highest return on investment through continued support for systems based on the most modern operating system available today.

Other improvements include the introduction of multiple MSUs (Media Storage Units) in Lab 100, to allow for very large groups of students (up to 126 connections for teacher, students and media sources). This allows schools to provide language learning opportunities for more students.

A new voice mix functionality has been added to Lab 100, to allow the teacher to mix his or her voice with the master or student voice. This handy feature allows teachers to easily and conveniently create new learning material based on classroom interaction, or to customize existing instructional material to suit learning needs.

Teachers using the new version of Lab 100 will also find that they are able to select activities to add to the activity list, allowing for customizable interfaces for individual teachers.

Enhancements to Sanako Lab 300 include simplified video streaming possibilities, with the integration of the Video Live module; the ability to launch files for students in mark-to-speak mode; and the ability to define which Media Assistant features teachers wish to deactivate in Exam mode.

Teachers can now save time by launching the voice insert function (mark-to-speak) for students, giving them greater control over this useful feature.

Customers can contact our regional sales offices or our extensive network of sales partners for more information on the new version releases.

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