On June 23rd, Cable in the Classroom´s work in the field of media literacy was
honored with the AMLA Meritorious Service Award. The award is given to
"individuals, organizations or projects that have significantly contributed to
the growth and quality of the field of media literacy." The honor is given at
the sole discretion of the board of the Alliance for a Media Literate America
and is only given to those who receive a unanimous vote of the board.

CIC´s executive director, Dr. Helen Soulé, accepted the prestigious award at
the opening reception of the National Media Education Conference in St. Louis.

She said, "After our founding, Cable in the Classroom realized that, as the
education foundation of the cable industry, simply providing free video content
and connectivity for teachers wasn´t enough. To effectively use television as
a teaching and learning tool, they had to know more. So CIC adopted media
literacy as one of our central projects and, for close to 15 years now, we have
been providing teachers and parents with tips, tools and content to teach kids
how to think critically about the media they use, whether that´s TV and movies
or the wild and wooly frontiers of Web 2.0."

Cable in the Classroom is pleased to join a group of key media literacy
advocates and practitioners that includes previous award winners: Marrieli Rowe
of the National Telemedia Council, Gary Ferrington of the Media Literacy Online
Project and Media Literacy Review and Jim Ficklin of the Media-L Listserv.

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