Ridgefield, Conn., July, 2007 — In the light of recent events, many schools are more concerned with being able to reach parents in emergencies, according to Jeanne Bodnar, president of TeacherWeb Inc. "We´ve had many inquiries from teachers and schools at the NECC and elsewhere, asking about the ability to send automatic text messages to parents´ cell phones, alerting them of an important "News Flash". This capability, which we added a year ago to our normal email and website notification, is generating more conversations than any other new feature."

With teacher and school websites from TeacherWeb®, the leading provider of websites for educators, parents can receive email notification from their children´s teachers, alerting them to check the website for information about special situations, like early school closings, changes in special test schedules, school photo days, money due for field trip, and so forth. And with the text messaging feature, parents can receive similar messages via their cell phones.

Says Bodnar, "Many parents do not work in front of their computers and need to be alerted when some special is happening. If a teacher deems the message important, he or she can now alert parents via text messaging as well as by email — it´s up to the parents to choose which they prefer."

Interested teachers and parents should contact TeacherWeb at info@teacherweb.com or visit www.TeacherWeb.com.

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TeacherWeb® is a registered trademark of TeacherWeb, Inc. a privately-owned Delaware corporation that is the leading provider of non-HTML template websites for teachers´ use in the classroom. The ease of use for which TeacherWeb® is known, as well as the great degree of accompanying customization and flexibility and ability to integrate school-wide, is accomplished through a proprietary patented technology which is recognized as unique throughout the industry. TeacherWeb® was launched in 1996 by JeanneBodnar. Staff includes software engineers, marketing associates, and customer support staff.

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