Minneapolis, Minn., July 11, 2007 — MakeMusic, Inc. (Nasdaq: MMUS) announced today that Finale® 2008 began shipping on July 2. This on-time delivery ensures that retailers will be able to stock and advertise Finale 2008 well in advance of the back-to-school season.

The latest upgrade to the world´s best-selling music software offers unprecedented playback options, major productivity enhancements and even more control for the perfect page. A few of the top-level additions found in Finale 2008 include:

? Finale can record/import a mono or stereo audio file to enhance playback. No other notation software offers this capability.
? Now more than 250 world-class Garritan instrument sounds are included free.
? Finale´s interface has been streamlined to be more efficient, intuitive and consistent, particularly in the area of cut/copy/paste/insert.
? Document Styles can instantly personalize the appearance of new documents, controlling text and music fonts, all libraries, text, graphics and page layout.
? Enhanced Setup Wizard offers more options and control and provides intelligent page layout to reduce white space on the page.
? Colored noteheads can be automatically configured to appear on specific pitches and to play back integrated Boomwhackers tuned percussion tube sounds.

"Finale 2008 is the first notation software to offer the ability to add an audio track," stated John Paulson, chief executive officer of MakeMusic, Inc. "This unique feature allows you to hear your songs come to life with a real vocalist, or hear your concerto performed by a real instrumentalist."

For more information visit www.finalemusic.com.

About MakeMusic, Inc.
MakeMusic, Inc. is a world leader in music-education technology whose mission is to enhance and transform the experience of making, teaching and learning music. Among its leading products are Finale®, the world´s best-selling music notation software, and SmartMusic®, the complete music practice system that features Intelligent Accompaniment® and the world´s largest interactive accompaniment library. MakeMusic maintains its corporate headquarters in Minneapolis. The company can be reached at www.makemusic.com.

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